SQL Azure Migration Wizard – How to Video

SQL Azure Migration Wizard – How to Video

9 Easy steps to Migrate SQL Server 2008 R2 to SQL Azure:

1. Download the migration and wizard utility from this location,
2. Installed the application on your database server and start the Migration wizard.
3. Select SQL Azure Database under the Analyze and Migrate option.
4. Make a connection to the source SQL database which in our case is going to be Northwind running on SQL Server 2008 R2.
5. Select all the necessary SQL Server database objects like procs, views, tables and functions and any other advanced options that you would like to migrate to SQL Azure. This will generate the TSQL (Transact SQL) code for creation of objects and movement of data to the cloud database.
6.Make a connection to the destination server which in our case is going to be SQL Azure in the Microsoft cloud environment
7. Choose to create a new database and select the proper Cloud database edition and database size
8. Finally go ahead and execute the TSQL Scripts
9. Connect to the destination SQL Azure database and verify that objects and data are migrated.

Here is portion of the video on how to use SQL Azure Migration Wizard.

Migrate SQL Server to SQL Azure

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