Transact SQL scripts – SQL Azure Video Tutorials

As part of the SQL Azure Video Tutorials – Unlimited Package, we have added some Transact SQL scripts.  These will help you in understanding SQL Azure and how to work with objects in the cloud database environment. Some of the SQL scripts are used to create objects like database, table, indexes, primary keys and foreign key constraints. Other SQL statements include the DML commands like: INSERT, SELECT, UPDATE AND DELETE. Here’s the complete list of SQL statements so far:

(Note: The ones with active links can be downloaded for FREE!)

Transact SQL scripts:

  1. create_database_SQL_Azure_0001.sql
  2. create_table_SQL_Azure_0002.sql
  3. how-to-create-sql-azure-login-0003.sql
  4. sql-azure-database-user-0004.sql
  5. using-aggregate-functions-sql-server-0005.sql
  6. missing-extended-stored-procedures-Azure-0006.sql
  7. sql-statements-not-supported-sql-azure-0007.sql
  8. alter-table-cloud-database-sql-azure-0008.sql
  9. create-primary-key-foreign-key-constraints-0009.sql
  10. assign-database-role-and-manage-permissions-0010.sql
  11. how-to-use-sql-select-in-azure-0011.sql
  12. using-sql-update-qry-azure-0012.sql
  13. delete-records-in-sql-azure-database-0013.sql
  14. insert-data-into-sql-azure-table-0014sql.sql
  15. how-to-create-stored-procedure-cloud-db-0015.sql

More details can be found on this SQL Azure Training page.

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