Windows Azure subscription: How to cancel SQL Azure subscription?

SQL Azure is Microsoft’s version of Cloud Database. SQL Data Services are now known as Microsoft SQL Azure and SQL Azure Database. There are a few changes, but fundamentally Microsoft’s plans to extend SQL server capabilities in cloud as web-based services remains the same. SQL Azure will continue to deliver set of services for relational databases. The reporting, analytics and data synchronization with end-users remains unchanged. This makes it most appealing to current users of SQL Server.

We have been running SQL Azure on a few servers for a while. The service is great and Microsoft continues to add new components and features to its cloud database. Now what if you wanted to cancel a SQL Azure subscription? If you are in SQL Azure portal, good luck finding this! In order to make this happen you have to follow a certain number of steps from a different site. Here are they:

Login in to


Sign in with your Live ID Account. Next click on “Subscriptions”.

This is what we see on our end:


Select the Azure subscription which you would like to cancel. In our case we are going to choose Pay-As-You-Go Azure subscription.

This is what we see on our computer screen.


Scroll all the way to the bottom right side of the page. Go ahead and click on “Cancel Subscription”.

We have included a screen capture for you.

This will take you to a new screen. Love the “Hearbroken” message . Select “yes, cancel my subscription” option. Click on the tick mark to complete cancellation.




Now it should take care of it. When it returns you to the Subscription page, you should see Azure subscription gone!

For more cloud database related topics, visit our main site on SQL Azure.

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